Ottawa Dog Show - May 24, 25, 26th 2024

Scent Detection

This sport mimics professional detection dog tasks.

OKC Scent Detection Dog

Table of Contents

What is a Scent Detection Trial?

Have you ever had the chance to watch contraband detection dogs work in the airport? Notice how much they love their work?

Scent detection is a fun version of that work where any dog can succeed. Instead of contraband we use legal essential oils hidden in boxes, rooms and exterior areas. It’s true teamwork as you trust your dog to locate and indicate the hide and your dog trusts you to lead them through the search area.

Any dog, any age, any breed (or no definable breed) can enter. Because spectators are not usually allowed and one dog at a time is in the search area, this sport appeals not only to sociable dogs but also dogs that don’t like others getting too close.

How to be a Good Spectator?

Unfortunately spectators are not usually allowed. If you are a friend or family of the handler you can ask if the judge will allow you to watch (from a distance) but be sure that your presence won’t distract the dog from working. If (with the judge’s permission) you take videos of the search, you must leave your camera or phone at the event desk until everyone at that level has run their searches.

Note: The judge has the final say on spectators and will make a decision based on the location and what’s best for the team.