Ottawa Dog Show - May 24, 25, 26th 2024

The Ottawa Kennel Club​

Uniting Dog Enthusiasts Since 1887

Ottawa Dog Club
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Canada's Oldest Kennel Club

At the heart of Canada’s oldest kennel club beats a passion for dogs that has flourished for over a century.

The Ottawa Kennel Club (OKC) is not just about purebred dogs; it’s about community, education, and a shared love for these magnificent creatures in all their diversity and capability.

Discover the World of Dogs Like Never Before

Whether you’re an aspiring dog owner, a seasoned breeder, or simply a dog lover, the OKC offers a gateway to understanding and appreciating the multifaceted roles dogs play in our lives. From the grace of conformation to the agility of sports, the obedience of training, and the joy of simply being man’s best friend, our events celebrate every aspect of purebred and performance dogs.
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Ethical Breeding and Care

Commitment to excellence extends beyond our events. The OKC promotes conscientious breeding, ensuring that every purebred dog finds a loving, responsible home.

Our members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, setting the standard for care, respect, and responsibility.

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Join Our Club​

Whether you’re looking to compete, learn, or just share in the love for dogs, there’s a place for you in The Ottawa Kennel Club.

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