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RATS Canada

Natural dog hunting instincts

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What is a RATS Canada Trial?

RATS! Canada’s mission is to develop and promote a sport demonstrating teamwork between a handler and a dog that must track and indicate the presence of vermin. RATS! Canada has multiple games, all of which involve using their nose to find one or more hidden rats. The rats are kept in tubes or metal cages and are never in direct contact with the dogs. We are committed to providing a safe environment for the dogs, rats and humans participating in the sport. We are an accessible and inclusive sport, for dogs or humans with disabilities or special needs, and mixed-breed dogs.

RATS! Canada is committed to the humane treatment of rats used at all events. Rats are rotated out hourly or sooner as needed. Rats are chosen and trained specifically for the sport. Tubes used are built for dog and rat safety according to specific rat care rules. Rats are not harmed in any way during or at the end of the trial; they are pets returning home to be cared for as any other pets would be.

How to be a Good Spectator?

Spectators are permitted, but must remain a minimum of 10 feet away from the ring, and not interfere with teams entering/leaving the ring or speak with participants in the blind. Other dogs and food are not permitted near the ring. In many games, the location of the rat is not known to the participants, and it is very important not to give away the location of the hide by speaking, pointing, increased camera shutter sounds etc.