Ottawa Dog Show - May 24, 25, 26th 2024

Obedience Trials

Showcasing Dog's Training and Responsiveness

OKC Obedience Dog

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What is an Obedience Trial?

An obedience trial is a competitive event where dogs demonstrate their training and obedience skills by performing a series of exercises and commands as directed by their handlers. These trials assess the dogs’ ability to follow commands promptly, accurately, and reliably, showcasing their training and discipline. Judges evaluate the dogs based on their responsiveness, accuracy, and precision in executing the required exercises, which may include heeling, recalls, stays, and various other obedience commands. Obedience has a tighter structure and asks more precision of the team. Individual exercises take longer to complete, so are fewer per class, resulting in more smoothness. All exercises must be passed, or qualifying, for an overall qualifying score. Titles for a given level are achieved by obtaining a qualifying score at that level in 3 trials under at least 2 different judges. More advanced levels may not be entered until a title at the preceding level has been obtained.

How to be a Good Spectator?

No need to keep especially quiet, but very loud noises can make it unnecessarily difficult for the team in the ring. Squeaky noises should be avoided, please!

Food and toys are not permitted within 10 feet of the ring entrance. All exhibitors will appreciate if spectators avoid bringing food or any toy-like object close to any other part of the ring, and avoid standing or sitting right up against the ring edge – please be courteous and stand back at least a few feet.

In any interaction with dogs, ask the handler/owner before approaching a dog: some are shy, or dislike strangers, or the handler may be soon going in the ring and need to keep the dog’s attention on themselves.

Under no circumstances should you put your face or fingers up to or into a dog’s crate, or try to open the crate. This is the dog’s safe place where it can rest and have alone time. If you want to see a crated dog, ask the handler if he/she could bring the dog out to say hello. It’s OK if the answer is no; there can be many reasons for this and it is not personal about you.

Enjoy the show!

Which Dogs and People are Allowed to Enter?

Registered purebred dogs; dogs unregistered but eligible for registration; unregistered dogs that appear to be purebred and have obtained the appropriate CKC approval; and, with the trial-giving club’s approval, mixed breed dogs that have obtained the required CKC number.

Handlers – usually in performance this is the owner – may enter whether or not they are a CKC member but may need to pay an extra fee.