Eye Clinics

Help! Eye Clinic Location Needed!

The OKC is having a very difficult time finding a suitable location for our Eye Clinic. We need one room to accept (scheduled) dogs through out the day. 

The dog receives eye drops, after 10 minutes the scheduled dog is called into a separate room that has been darkened for the Doctor to do his examination, which takes about 5 to 10 minutes. We usually have about 50-60 dogs through out the day. 

Location preferred is the west end of Ottawa with parking. 

We have tried several Community Centres, Recreational Centres, Dog Training locations, Churches and even the RCMP where they hold the musical ride. All declined due to allergies/dogs not allowed or they were closed. 

Please contact Gail Somers @613-741-7486 if you know of a location.


Also see the links below for information about CERF eye exams.