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May Show - 22 to 24 May 2020

The Ottawa Kennel Club will be holding its Annual Dog Show in Richmond at the Richmond Fairgrounds on Friday, May 22 to Sunday, May 24th, 2020. 

There will be Conformation, Rally, Rally/Obedience, Scent Detection, Barn Hunt as well as a Specialty and 3 Boosters. Please mark you calendars to attend and participate. 

Watch for the Premium List to register!

The Ottawa Kennel Club

See photos from our 2019 show here.

Thank You for your support in providing the Ottawa Kennel Club with a location for our Members Meetings and our 
Eye Clinic.


Membership Renewal Drive!

It seems that 2019 went very quickly and itís already time to renew your membership in the Ottawa Kennel Club for 2020. Your 2019 membership expired on December 31, 2019. As we have in the past number of years, we are pleased to offer membership in the Ottawa Kennel Club at the same rate of:

Single Membership: $30.00

Family Membership: $35.00

Referred Membership: Free for 2020
(when referred by a member to those who are a dog or puppy)

For further membership info, and the downloadable form, see the Membership Page here.

Obedience Chair Needed

We are looking for and Obedience Chair. If anyone can recommend a person to do this job we would greatly appreciate it. 

Sadly, if no one steps forward we will not have Obedience or Rally at our show in May

As always,
Sue Fenton, Show Chair The Ottawa Kennel Club. 

December Members' Meeting

At our Members meeting on December 15th, we had our traditional Pot Luck Luncheon. The luncheon was a great success with a good variety of scrumptious foods and desserts. We discussed our plans for 2020 and the planned increase in our activities at our May Dog Show! Be informed and attend our meetings. We have been graciously offered the use of The Call of The Canine facilities for all our members meetings and Eye Clinic. Thank you Cheryl Smith! Great facilities and a friendly atmosphere, canít get any better than this. We have posted Cherylís location and linked to her web page for those looking for training or puppy play dates. Lots of free parking available. 


October Eye Clinic

Thank You to Cheryl Drain, Marilyn Torrance, Carol Broadhurst, Laura Sher-Doull-Kaiserman, Ayala Sher for volunteering and helping make the Ottawa Kennel Clubís October 6 Eye Clinic a success! 

Thank you to Dr. Tinsley for examining 81 dogs throughout the day.

A Special Thank You  to Cheryl Smith at Call of The Canine, 48 Colonnade Rd for donating her location and equipment for the Ottawa Kennel Club to have this annual event. 

Ottawa Kennel Club


MPP Piccini to Introduce a Bill to End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

MPP David Piccini, shown with his Ducktolling Retriever named Max. 

This is NOT right! Itís time to #EndBSL and Iím committed to making this a reality! #EndTheBan #ForTheDogs 
#PunishBadOwners Ė MPP Piccini

Read the full article by Sue Dickens here.


Nine Unit Kennel Cube

click/tap to enlarge

Height 63 Inches
Width 62 Inches
Depth 26 Inches

Asking $500.

Great deal for a breeder.

Contact Linda Mabey 
(613) 498-3193

Canada needs stronger policies to protect against imported-dog diseases: vets

Camille Bains, The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, May 16, 2019 4:40AM EDT

VANCOUVER -- When a British Columbia woman experiencing fever, headaches and weight loss for two months finally went to her doctor, a blood test revealed she'd contracted a contagious disease from a dog she'd rescued in Mexico....

The Public Health Agency of Canada said it acknowledges the global movement of animals, including dogs, can facilitate the spread of diseases that can be passed on to people...

Read the full article here.

Infectious Diseases: Know the Risks and
Take Steps to Minimize Exposure

The Canadian Kennel Club Genetics and Medical Committee Reminds Breeders and 
Owners About the Risks of Infectious Diseases and the Baby Puppy Class
Infectious diseases are always a risk, and The Canadian Kennel Club Genetics & 
Medical Committee wishes to remind breeders and owners of the best practices for 
limiting the spread of infectious diseases, and the unique concerns for animals 
entered in the Baby Puppy Class.

(Read the  article here.)

As you are aware at a previous OKC Memberís meeting we had Kim Knapp from Canadian Dogs Last as our presenter. She provided some excellent insight into rescue dogs entering Canada. She has graciously provided an article, written by a OVC vet, regarding Viruses that we are sure you will find interesting.

(Click above to bring up the article.)