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Cancellation of May Show

Dear Members:

The OKC Executive have unanimously voted today, 3 March 2021, that due to numerous factors principally concerning COVID-19 and by ensuring our staff, vendors and participants Health and Safety continue to be our top priority, we will not be holding our annual Dog Show in Richmond in May, 2021. 

We realize there may be disappointment however the Pandemic is still very prevalent and not worth endangering our staff, members, participants, attendees, Judges, Ring Stewards, Volunteers, Vendors and Suppliers. Hopefully in May, 2022 we will have fantastic Dog Show with full participation.

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Canada needs stronger policies to protect against imported-dog diseases: vets

Camille Bains, The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, May 16, 2019 4:40AM EDT

VANCOUVER -- When a British Columbia woman experiencing fever, headaches and weight loss for two months finally went to her doctor, a blood test revealed she'd contracted a contagious disease from a dog she'd rescued in Mexico....

The Public Health Agency of Canada said it acknowledges the global movement of animals, including dogs, can facilitate the spread of diseases that can be passed on to people...

Read the full article here.

Infectious Diseases: Know the Risks and
Take Steps to Minimize Exposure

The Canadian Kennel Club Genetics and Medical Committee Reminds Breeders and 
Owners About the Risks of Infectious Diseases and the Baby Puppy Class
Infectious diseases are always a risk, and The Canadian Kennel Club Genetics & 
Medical Committee wishes to remind breeders and owners of the best practices for 
limiting the spread of infectious diseases, and the unique concerns for animals 
entered in the Baby Puppy Class.

(Read the  article here.)

As you are aware at a previous OKC Memberís meeting we had Kim Knapp from Canadian Dogs Last as our presenter. She provided some excellent insight into rescue dogs entering Canada. She has graciously provided an article, written by a OVC vet, regarding Viruses that we are sure you will find interesting.

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